June 2017  

Get Ready for 2017-18

New Leaders, New Year Starting July 1st

We’re pleased and excited to introduce the new officers and board of governors who will take over leadership of the Illinois Chapter ASHRAE during the 2017-18 year, which begins July 1st.

President – Frank Moccio, Primera Engineers
President-Elect – Mallory Schaus, Temperature Equipment Corp.
Treasurer – Fiona Martin, Grumman/Butkus Assocs.
Secretary – Patrick Krause, Thermosystems, Inc,

Board of Governors:
Mike Belczak, Primera Engineers
Maria Lupo, Environmental Systems Design
Laura Michel, Trane
Brian Medina, Critical Project Services

As always, they will be joined by more volunteers who will help plan, organize and carry out all the chapter’s programs and activities during the year. There’s no better word than “lifeblood” to describe the importance of volunteers and the effort they contribute to the chapter’s continued success. At the same time, the committee roles add to the value of each volunteer’s membership experience by giving them the opportunity to really get to know other people as they work together on projects that benefit everyone in the chapter. Not only good business contacts but also great friendships can grow from participation in ASHRAE.

How involved are you in ASHRAE? If you’ve ever thought about how you might get more involved, now is the time consider how you can take your membership to the next level. The Illinois Chapter offers several opportunities through one of many committees:

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) – help select and organize presentations at monthly meetings. The CTTC also plans a couple of site tours to let members see interesting HVAC&R system applications.

Membership Committee – Welcome new members and help them get their ASHRAE journey off to a proper start.

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) – Plan and participate in social and educational get-togethers for engineers 35 or younger. YEA members also plan the chapter’s highly attended annual Spring Conference.

These are but a few of the ways you can put merely a little bit of your spare time to further ASHRAE and your career. For more committees and contacts, check our committee page.

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Inside Illinois Chapter

Active Approaches to Passive Heating & Cooling

Matt Herman, BuroHappold, demonstrated passive heating & cooling approaches designed for a variety of buildings and applications at the June 13 meeting, held at Haymarket Pub & Brewery in Chicago.


ASHRAE Golf Outing Is Set for September 21st

The Illinois Chapter’s Annual Golf Outing returns to St. Andrews Golf Club in West Chicago on Thursday, September 21. We’ll have both 18-hole courses to accommodate ASHRAE golfers who will make their shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. We hope that you and your friends and associates will be among them helping us put the final day of summer 2017 to good use.

As always, many competitions will be featured at holes throughout the course, and lots of valuable prizes will be given away at the barbecue buffet dinner afterwards. Mark your calendar and watch for your invitation and registration announcement (soon to come).

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Region VI News

Region VI Tech Awards: Illinois Chapter Entries Make Cut

We are excited to report the following winners of technology awards from ASHRAE Region VI. Each of these projects were selected as winners at the chapter level last December. We wish them luck at the society level award competition, which comes next. The Region VI award winners include:

1st Place:
Commercial Buildings – EBCx
222 S. Riverside Plaza
Fiona Martin & Michael Murphy
Grumman/Butkus Associates
1st Place:
Educational Buildings – New
Loyola University, Schreiber Center
Don McLauchlan, Brian Malone & Dustin Langille
Elara Engineering
Honorable Mention:
Educational Buildings – Existing
UIC, Saieh Hall for Economics
Sachin Anand, dbHMS
1st Place:
Educational Buildings – EBCx
University of Chicago Medicine KCBD Retro-Comissioning
Kurt Matsen & Tim Shinnick
Grumman/Butkus Associates
1st Place:
Health Care Facilities – EBCx
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital
Matt Butkus & Tim Shinnick
Grumman/Butkus Associates
1st Place:
Industrial Facilities or Process – Existing
340 E. Randolph Chilled Water Plant Installation
Francis Kohout & Benjamin Skelton
Cyclone Energy Group

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ASHRAE Society Update

ASHRAE Responds to U.S. Paris Accord Announcement

The recent decision to withdrawal the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord does not change or alter ASHRAE's commitment to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable global built environment. "Our member-established mission underscores our mandate to serve humanity and create a more sustainable world," says ASHRAE President Tim Wentz. "ASHRAE is a global Society of 57,000 dedicated professionals in more than 130 countries, committed to reducing the environmental impact of buildings by making them more energy efficient. Our mission will not waiver as geopolitical tides rise and fall."

"Now, more than ever, ASHRAE affirms its mission to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world," Wentz says. ASHRAE recently announced a substantial $1.3 million investment in researching alternative low-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants. "ASHRAE's work is based on research and science. The Society will continue to establish best practice standards for the design and operation of buildings that have lower environmental impacts and concurrently optimize health and human comfort for occupants," says Wentz. "Our Society remains dedicated to engineering excellence in environmental stewardship. In fact, the recent Paris Accord announcement makes the critical role of ASHRAE members in reducing the environmental impact of buildings more important than ever before."


2018 Winter Conference Returns to Chicago

Even before the start of the June 2017 Annual Conference in Long Beach some Illinois Chapter members have been giving plenty of thought to ASHRAE’s 2018 Winter Conference, which returns to Chicago in January. Host Committee chair Will Mak and others are already discussing plans for activities, tours, sponsorship and other support the Illinois Chapter can provide. Besides ideas and help with arrangements, ASHRAE will ask scores of volunteers to put in a little time as session monitors or in other capacities. In return, volunteers will gain entry to conference activities free of charge. Watch for further details.

Seeking New Members Lounge Host

The Members Lounge at the Winter Conference is a place to rest one’s feet, enjoy refreshment, gain a little information or a bit of conversation. For several years, the lounge has enjoyed the same great hosts, Ron and Carolyn Vallort, each time the conference comes to the Windy City. However, the couple has said that the 2018 Conference will be their last, and they hope they’ll be able to use the time this year to introduce the host job to a new volunteer(s). By greeting familiar faces and meeting new ones who enter the lounge, the host’s job is, for one, to make everyone feel welcome. The host also schedules other volunteer hosts for duty in the lounge. Besides this, they keep things running smoothly by making sure basic information is available and working with hotel staff to keep the room stocked with refreshments. “We have enjoyed working on Host Committees for so long it’s hard to say when we started, Ron wrote, “but it has always been an enjoyable, rewarding experience and a great opportunity to mix and mingle with new and old ASHRAE friends.” If you would be interested in hosting the Members Lounge at future Winter Conferences in Chicago, please email

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Welcome New Members

Congratulations to the following individuals who recently 
ASHRAE members, and welcome to the Illinois Chapter:

Yakov Goldin
Brian Grey
Jessica Johnson
Connor Kendall
Matthew Magnifico
Richard Mehl
Greg Milam
Daiju Varghese
David Viola
Kristy Vogt

Patrick Kelly

Sagar Kanchi
Claire Schauble
Joe Somerville

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Worth Noting


EPA Delays Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Rule Changes


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delayed the effective date of amendments to its Risk Management Program (RMP) for 20 months, until Feb. 19, 2019. EPA is now conducting a reconsideration proceeding to review objections raised to the final RMP amendments rule, including concerns about third-party audits of ammonia refrigeration facilities. The 25-year-old RMP as originally constituted imposes safety requirements on U.S. cold storage and food processing facilities using at least 10,000 lb (4500 kg) of ammonia in refrigeration processes. The amended RMP rule, issued in late December 2016, changes the RMP in three areas: ensuring that local responders and community residents are prepared for an accident, preventing catastrophic accidents, and requiring independent third-party audits following an accident. (from HVAC Industry newsletter)


Renewable Sources Provide More Than Half of UK Electricity for First Time

Renewable energy sources generated more electricity than coal and gas in the United Kingdom for the first time on June 7 during the midday hours. According to National Grid plc, the body that owns and manages the power supply in the UK, power from wind, solar, hydroelectric, and wood pellet burning supplied 50.7% of UK energy in the midday hours. If nuclear power is added, the percentage of electricity produced in the UK by low-carbon sources was around 72% by 2 p.m. (from HVAC Industry newsletter)

New Device Produces Electricity From High-Temperature Industrial Waste Heat

Researchers at MIT have developed a liquid thermoelectric device that can efficiently convert waste heat to electricity, which could provide a means to affordably transform waste heat to power at high temperatures for industrial applications. Conventional commercial thermoelectric devices, based on solid-state materials such as bismuth telluride, operate at about 500°C (932°F). The MIT device uses a molten compound of tin and sulfur (tin sulfide) that operates in a liquid state at temperatures from 950°C to 1074° (from HVAC Industry newsletter)

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