Scholarship Program

ASHRAE Illinois Chapter Scholarship Program

Congratulations 2020 Scholarship Winners

Ezgi Takmaz – Final year of Master degree at University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

Zahra Khuwaja – Junior at Illinois Institute of Technology

Alouki Shah – Senior at Illinois Institute of Technology


Brandon Apostal – Freshman at Bradley University


2021 applications WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH JANUARY 31, 2021.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021

Download ASHRAE Illinois Scholarship Application (PDF Version)

ASHRAE National Scholarship Program

ASHRAE National also offer many scholarship and fellowship opportunities!

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ASHRAE Student Chapters

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Past Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners — Esther Rebecca Nazziwa (IIT), Erica Acton (IIT), Hibatullah Ismail (UIC), and Vinit Rajesh Gala (UIC).

2018 Scholarship Winners — Sean Killarney (IIT) $1,500, Hardik Satish Miyani (UIC) $1,500, Lisa White (UIC) $1,500, Zaki Mafraji (UIC) $750, and Esther Rebecca Nazziwa (IIT) $750

2017 Scholarship Winners — Hibatullah Ismail (UIC) $3000, Huize Li (UI-Urbana) $3000, Muhammad Hashim (UIC) $1500, and Jingwei Zhu (UI-Urbana) $1500

2016 Scholarship Winners — Kevin Summers (UIC) $3000, Muhammad Hashim (UIC) $3000, Ian Bonadeo (UIC) $1500, and Mohammed Badruddin Saad (Bradley University) $1500

2015 Scholarship Winners — Kelly Costello (UIC) $3000, Kevin Summers (UIC) $3000, Panos Bakos (UIC) $1500, Ian Bonadeo (UIC) $1500, and Amir Salarifard (UIC) $1500

2014 Scholarship Winners — Kelly Costello (UIC) $3000, Amir Salarifard (UIC) $3000, Ben Campbell (UIC) $1500 and Matt Kaleta (UIC) $1500

2013 Scholarship Winners — James Pena (UIC) $3000, Hanfei Tuo (UIUC) $3000, Alvaro Gonzalez (IIT) $1500 Maher Maymoun (UIC) $1500

2012 Scholarship Winners — Shiv Patel (Bradley) $3000, Jingyu Lee (IIT) $3000, Augusto Zimmerman (UIUC) $1500, Bryant Morris (Bradley) $1500

2011 Scholarship Winners — Jingyu Lee (IIT) $3000, Grace Junge (UIC) $1500, Daniel Maier (IIT) $1500, Jing He (UIUC) $1500, Marina Horchin (IIT) $1500

2010 Scholarship Winners — Stephanie Iwanski (UIC) $3000, Tyler Brown (UIUC) $2000, Kelsey Dolan ($2000), Tyler Throop (UIUC) $2000

2009 Scholarship Winners — Lynette Hromada (Calvin College) $1500, Wendy Negron (Elgin CC) $1500, Tim Johnson (UIC) $1000, Jaime Kelleher (U of Florida) $1000, Ryan Ollie (U of Michigan) $1000

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