Each year ASHRAE gives you the chance to brag a little about your engineering achievements. Illinois ASHRAE's EXCELLENCE IN ENGINEERING AWARDS recognize outstanding engineering projects by members, their engineering firms and owners. Project descriptions are submitted in September. Each description is reviewed and considered by a panel of judges — working HVAC professionals — who select winners in November.  Winners are officially recognized at a presentation ceremony that takes place at the chapter's Annual Holiday Party in December. 

Chapter Award winners are encouraged to submit their projects for Society Regional competition; if successful at this level, they may next submit their project for consideration for an ASHRAE Society-level technology award.

Applicants may use the short form for the Chapter and Regional programs, but must use the full Society Technology Award form for the Society program.A copy of either application form can be obtained from the Society website[Download form(s) under “Resources” heading at bottom of screen.]

Download the Technology Awards bulletin for more information about the Excellence in Engineer Awards as well as special Refrigeration Awards provided by ASHRAE. You may enter multiple projects in the same year for one of the Technology Awards as well as the Milt Garland Award Program, if the job relates to refrigeration. Also, it is possible to enter a job in the Technology Awards program as well as the Refrigeration Comfort Cooling Award Program if the job relates to comfort cooling.

Please note the following preliminary submission schedule for the 2021 year's chapter awards:

  • The deadline for submittals will be in mid-September 2021
  • Judging will be completed by mid-November 2021
  • Awards will be presented at the annual Holiday Party in December 2021 (or other chapter event)

We strongly encourage you to enter your great projects into these Awards Programs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tell the world about your outstanding accomplishments. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to show your clients that they have indeed retained the services of an engineer who is recognized by his peers as one who practices innovation and creativity as well as one who provides an exemplary product. The application is so easy! Don’t procrastinate! Do the necessary paperwork and submit your awards application next September.

Please email your digital Technology Award submittals to:  

Laura Michel

Telephone: 630-400-4580‬
E-mail: [email protected]

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