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Meeting Announcement

September 15 Webinar
Indoor Air Quality in Intelligent Buildings — Where Are We at Today?

The Illinois ASHRAE Chapter and the Building Intelligence Group Chicago (#BIGCHI) combine again for a panel discussion, this time on Indoor Air Quality in Intelligent Buildings. The 1.5-hour webinar will start at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15.

How are Smart Buildings collecting, visualizing, analyzing and sharing their indoor air quality (IAQ) data? How has Covid-19 shifted priorities? What are client’s expectations for integrating this data into a single pane of glass and how are end-users interfacing with this data? Join us for an all-star panel discussion to answer these questions and more. Our featured presenters are:

  • Thru Shivakumar is the CEO and Co-Founder at Cohesion, a real estate software company that creates intelligent buildings and enhances human experiences by connecting people and systems in a single, comprehensive platform.
  • Drew DePriest leads Digital Solutions and Strategy at CBRE|Host. Before CBRE, Drew headed the global Collaboration Services team at Aon, led business development at workplace technology startup Comfy (acquired by Siemens), and spent 12 years in sales and operations at building automation firm Automated Logic.
  • Shona O’Dea, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, is a Senior Associate of DLR Group. Shona’s focus on efficiency and indoor environmental quality is an important component of DLR Group’s Performance Design team
  • Our moderator will be Benjamin Skelton, PE, LEED AP, President & CEO, Cyclone Energy Group, a company he founded in 2012 to provide a unique service to help design, build and operate high-performance buildings.

The webinar registration fee is only $15. Get additional details and register online now. A link to enter the webinar will be provided to all who preregister.

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Worth Noting

Golf Outing Put on Hold in 2020

While we are sad to say it, we must let you know that our September 18 annual Golf Outing, which both helps support and shift our events program into high gear, had to be cancelled this month. It was a difficult decision but necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy during the current epidemic. We’ll be anxious to see the Golf Outing return in September 2021, and can’t wait to gather there with everyone again.

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Technology Awards

Showcase Your Great Designs in Technology Awards Program

What kind of design projects have you been involved in lately? The Illinois ASHRAE would like to hear all about one or more of them. Share your successes through the Chapter’s Excellence in Engineering Awards program. Our 2020 Technology Awards competition is underway, but the submittal deadline for projects is coming Friday, September 18. It’s easy to enter your project in this year’s competition. Full details and an entry form may be obtained online. All projects will be judged by experienced professionals, and winners will be announced in November. The winning projects will be recognized at a future event and will be showcased in our newsletter and website. The winners are encouraged to submit their projects in competitions at the Region VI and Society levels of ASHRAE. For additional information, [email protected].

G/BA Project Wins 1st Place in Society Competition

Having said that, we are pleased and excited to announce that another past year’s chapter winner has gone on to earn a 1st Place 2020 Award of Engineering Excellence from the Society. Our congratulations again go out to Chad Luning, Michael McDermott, Eric Huber and David Nelson of Grumman/Butkus Associates for their recent renovation project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory.

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Become a Chapter Sponsor

Help Us Advance Our Future
Benefits of Illinois ASHRAE Sponsorship

What a challenging time we find ourselves in where we must find new ways to maintain and grow our relationships, our workloads and achieve success while being careful to stay apart. We are confident that you are working hard to get it done, and we want you to know that here at the Illinois ASHRAE Chapter, so are we. We have suspended face-to-face networking events for the time being, but that hasn’t stopped us from planning new virtual opportunities to gather online. Our monthly meeting presentations continue as webinars, and we are pleased and grateful that so many of you are participating in even greater numbers. Thank you! New technology keeps driving the HVAC business, and we are glad that members still count on ASHRAE to keep up with the advances.

None of us knows how long the pandemic will be with us, but the Illinois ASHRAE will continue working hard to support our members and HVAC industry with opportunities to connect and learn. However, we realize that the hard work alone may not be enough without the fantastic support of our corporate sponsors. For this we are also grateful. As 2020-21 has barely left the starting gate, we are asking for your support. As a corporate ASHRAE sponsor, you will help sustain our effort to bring more and better opportunities to stay in step with our ever-evolving industry. Your sponsorship will support other efforts to grow and advance Chicago’s HVAC community through technology awards, scholarships and ongoing ASHRAE Research.

There are several levels of sponsorship. We invite you to learn more about each and sign up online at For questions or information, please email [email protected] or call us at 708-636-5819.

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Monthly Tech Talks

CTTC Chair Elizabeth Zakelj and her committee members are developing the following group of monthly Illinois Chapter technology talk topics for 2020-21. All presentations are planned as webinars as members continue to follow social distancing for the remaining pandemic. Mark these dates on your calendar and watch for more details about each topic as the times draw nearer. We hope you will participate in several of the late-afternoon webinars.

September 15, 2020 — IAQ: Where Are We at Today?
October 13, 2020 — Refrigeration Topic
November 10, 2020 — Humidification Topic
January 12, 2021 — Diversity Topic
February 9, 2021 — Sustainability Topic
March 9, 2021 — HVAC Fundamental (Series)
April 13, 2021 — Communications/Management Topic
May 11, 2021 — Healthcare Topic
June 8, 2021 — Fire Alarm/Protection in HVAC

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Just for Young Engineers

Behls Endowment Fund Has Awards for Young Engineers

The recently formed Herman and Dorothy Behls Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of many people and organizations, especially the Illinois ASHRAE Chapter. To honor Herman’s home chapter, it is the decision of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.2, as the endowment sponsor, to limit the first endowment awards to members of the Illinois Chapter. The Behls family plans to participate in the first award of the endowment to two Illinois ASHRAE members.

There are two awards. The Travel Award will pay for travel and lodging expenses for a student (undergraduate or graduate) to the ASHRAE Winter Conference. The Certification Award will reimburse a Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) member for registration fee upon successful completion of a HVAC Certification exam. Download both award applications. The application deadline date is October 15, 2020. The 2021 ASHRAE Winter Meeting is planned for January 23-27 in Chicago.

For further information, contact Larry Smith at [email protected]. 

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Region VI News

Take Advantage of This!
Region VI CRC Going Virtual

Along with many other conferences contending with the continued unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Vision 2020" Region VI Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) has been moved to October and re-envisioned as a fully virtual event. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to pick and choose from workshops and webinars spread across 2.5 weeks from the comfort of their own offices (kitchen tables, couches, etc.).

Events will begin Friday, October 16, with a workshop for Chapter Delegates and Alternates and wrap-up Monday, November 2, with the CRC debrief for the host Chapter CRC committee, Region officers, Society visitors and upcoming CRC committee chairs.

In true Region VI CRC form, there will be Chapter workshops, technical sessions, a Welcome Party social event, Keynote Address, Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony (with a twist!). You do not have to be a (present or future) Chapter officer to attend the CRC; everyone is invited. Get additional details and register online (available soon).

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ASHRAE Society Update

ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Releases Updated Building Readiness Guide

As many buildings are preparing to reopen during this pandemic, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has updated its reopening “Building Readiness” guidance for HVAC systems to help mitigate the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. “The Building Readiness Guide includes additional information and clarifications so that owners can avoid operating their HVAC systems 24/7,” said Wade Conlan, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Building Readiness Team lead. “By rolling out this updated guidance, we are hoping to provide a more robust structure for building owners to complete the objectives of their Building Readiness Plan and anticipate the needs of building occupants.”

Specific updated recommendations to the building readiness guidance include:

  • Pre- and Post- Flushing Strategy to ensure the building is flushed for a duration sufficient to reduce concentration of airborne infectious particles by 95%.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) Systems Operation to help determine if your energy wheel is well designed and/or well maintained and whether it should remain in operation.
  • Building Readiness Modes of Operation for the Building: These should include Epidemic Operating Conditions in Place (ECiP) and Post-Epidemic Conditions in Place (P-ECiP).

The guidance still addresses the tactical commissioning and systems analysis to develop a Building Readiness Plan, increased filtration, air cleaning strategies, domestic and plumbing water systems, and overall improvements to a systems ability to mitigate virus transmission. To view the complete ASHRAE Building Readiness guide and other COVID-19 resources, visit

Making Polling Places Safer

The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force is also offering HVAC and water supply system guidance for polling places. “Many different HVAC system types are used in polling places, so adaptation of these guidelines to specific cases is necessary,” said Dennis Knight, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force vice chair. The complete Epidemic Task Force Guidance document for polling places can be found here.

“The task force’s approach to protecting indoor air quality in a polling place is practical, and can help safeguard voters, poll workers and other building occupants as most sites are shared locations that serve many different purposes,” said Luke Leung, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force commercial/retail team lead.

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Other News

Proposed Amendments to Chicago Plumbing Code

The City of Chicago Plumbing Code will change significantly in 2021 to conform more with the International Plumbing Code. A full stakeholder engagement/committee process will be added during this comprehensive revision. Before this, however, the City of Chicago may pursue several interim amendments to 29 articles in the code. The proposed amendments are described in a lengthy document provided over the summer by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings. If you would like a copy of the proposed amendments, please email [email protected].

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